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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by the term 'counselling'?

Counselling is a process in which a client shares a story with a counsellor. This would help the counsellor to build a relationship with a client in order to help him/her to make some positive changes, such as to solve a personal problem, or to help that person's improve his/her attitude. Changes may occur in the client's thinking, feeling and/or behaviour. It is an psycho-educational process and anyone can benefit from participating in counselling.

How does the counselling process work? What are the steps?

The steps involved are:

  1. Call the office at 416-902-6437 between Noon to 6 PM; 416-289-2856 after hours: 7-10 pm
  2. Make first appointment at one of our 2 locations
  3. Complete intake questionnaire during your first session
  4. Attend one-on-one, partner or family counselling to share your story or concerns
  5. Pay the negotiated fees
  6. Receive a progress or report of completion
  7. If necessary, provide report to the courts or probation officers in order to meet any legal requirement
  8. Request a follow-up session, if you need to do so

What is mental health?

Mental health may be looked at as the capacity to enjoy one's life, to live in the present moment, enjoy nurturing relationships with others and to have a positive outlook on life in general.

What is meant by 'Anger Management Counselling'?

Anger Management Counselling is a counselling service in which clients are taught about the nature of anger and the harmful effects of excessive anger, and explore strategies and techniques in order to manage anger. They also learn how to make better life choices.

What are the fees?

The fees are generally $150 per session + applicable taxes. In special circumstances a lower fee may be negotiated during the initial session.

Is counselling individual or group based?

Most of our counselling sessions are on an individual basis. We are not offering group based counselling at this time..

Will I be expected to complete tests?

No; however you are expected to complete homework assignments as per counsellors’ request in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion.

What is the PAR Program?

The Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program is psycho-educational course and counselling program designed to help participants stop their violent, abusive and controlling behaviours towards their partners.

How long is the PAR Program?

The PAR Program usually involves a client attending 12, 2-hour individual sessions. Most clients complete the program within 2 to 3 months depending on their motivation and availability; however it may be completed within a shorter time period. There are homework assignments to be completed based on each topic covered in the program. The client may be required to complete some additional reading,e.g. a book that focuses on the nature of domestic violence or partner relationship.

What are the expectations?

Clients are expected to attend every session, actively participate in discussions, ask questions in regards to course content and complete any assigned exercises by the counsellor. They are also expected to participate in goal-setting exercises.

How can I benefit from the PAR Program?

  • Acknowledge his/her choices and behaviour.
  • Take responsibility for his/her choices and behaviour.
  • Learn what is meant by abusive behaviour.
  • Learn what is meant by power and controlling types of behaviour.
  • Become more aware of the reasons underlying abusive behaviour.
  • Develop greater awareness of the effect of abusive behaviour on partner and family relationships.
  • Explore alternative behaviours based on respect,equality and non-violence.
  • Learn about non-violent ways of communicating.
  • Understand the main characteristics of a healthy relationship between one's partner and family members.
  • Have an opportunity to discuss any of your own questions about relationships with your counsellor.

Do you deal with access and custody cases?

As a general rule, we do not.

If the courts are requiring a letter about a program, usually a letter of registration or completion, how much advance notice should I give to the Centre?

We require about one week's notice.

How can I set up an appointment?

By calling our offices at (416) 902-6437 (Noon-6 pm) or (416) 289-2856 (after hours: 7-10 pm). Please leave a message.

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Our mission is to promote mental health and stability by offering a variety of counselling programs for individuals, couples and families.

Our programs and services are covered by most extended health benefits insurance plans.

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