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PARTNER ASSAULT Response Program

The goal of this program is to enhance victim safety and increase client accountability.

Anger Management Centre of Toronto, Inc. will issue a comprehensive Report and/or a Certificate of Completion subject to the approval of the Ontario Justice Court System, after the successful completion of the program.


The PARS program involves discussing modules one through ten, culminating in a conclusion and final assessment at the end of the 10 modules.

  1. Introduction to PAR, based on Duluth Model for treating domestic violence, as an early intervention program.
  2. From Using intimidation to Non-Threatening Behaviour
  3. From Using Emotional Abuse to Respect
  4. From Using Isolation to Trust and Support
  5. From Minimizing, Denying and Blaming to Honesty and Accountability
  6. From Using Children to Responsible Parenting
  7. From Using Male Privilege to Shared Responsibility
  8. From Using Economic Abuse to Economic Partnership
  9. From Using Coercion and Threats to Negotiation and Fairness
  10. Conclusion and Final Assessment

The following topics are discussed and worked through per session in the PARS Program:

  • Assessment: narrative, context of precipitating events
  • Counselling goals: creating healthy relationships
  • Multi-Causal Model of Domestic Violence: individual, family, societal factors
  • Anger awareness (internal cues: psychological and physiological changes)
  • Power and control issues in relationships
  • Gender roles, men and abuse
  • Anger interventions and applications e.g. non-retaliation in confrontations, defusing anger in interpersonal interactions, mindfulness in everyday life, letting go, keeping an anger journal
  • Effective communication in the partner relationship
  • Stress management in relationships
  • Family of origin issues as these relate to partner assault
  • Short and long term effects of partner assault
  • The healthy partner relationship: core characteristics
  • Non-violent behaviour and equality in relationships
  • Forgiveness and the partner relationship
  • Review of the above topics


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